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Robert and the team at The Greenup Entertainment Group strongly believe in Generosity and have been running a sponsorship program for approx 10 years (since 2010)

Our philosophy is to be generous with our Time, Talent and Treasure (money) and so we actively seek individuals or groups that could benefit from us giving in these three areas.

It might be as simple as letting a church use a PA system for a week or 2 or letting a school use 1 of our MC’s for the night for a trivia night fundraiser.

In the past we have sponsored groups who had a heart for the community or a youth program and we have given full PA systems so they can put their show on.

We however don’t have an endless pit of resources but we have a large network of people who can use our help.

Schools, churches, community groups and individuals sometimes just need a break and The Greenup Entertainment Group has taken on that responsibility to meet those needs.

If you feel as strongly about our program as we do and wish to assist us with a donation we would be honoured to partner with you to see a brighter outcome for others who also want to do good but just need the resources to do it.

Please contact Rob Greenup personally at audiopro25@hotmail.com to discuss how you would like to be involved.

Groups that have been selected to received sponsorship from The Greenup Entertainment Group are:

St Christopher’s Catholic School Holsworthy

Southwestern Community Baptist Church Moorebank

C.A.N Entertainment

Urban Life Church Menai

Anzac Village Pre School Hoslworthy

Bay City

Please read a testimonial that was sent by the president of C.A.N Entertainment after an event we sponsored.

To whom it may concern

C.A.N Entertainment is a partnership that was formed in April 2013 with a vision of bringing communities of different ethnic backgrounds together on a social level in order to help understand each other’s cultures and customs. Australia is land inhabited by many immigrants and we believe that the best way to live together and move forward is to integrate and learn to understand and respect one another.As part of our efforts we organise and hold family friendly dance style get togethers with different themes ranging from fancy dress to bring and share events. We provide DJ music and live band entertainment as well as finger snacks or full meals depending on the theme of the event. As we are a self-funded project we charge a small cover fee and normally have free admission for children. This encourages families of all ages to attend and not have to worry about the added expense and inconvenience of finding reliable baby sitters.

At our last function at the Red Gum Function Centre in Wentworthville I am proud to say that Robert Greenup of The Greenup Entertainment Group helped to make the event a resounding success. Robert’s generosity, goodwill and expertise helped make the evening truly enjoyable. Robert provided an amazing array of both stage and dance floor lighting that made the band feel and look like super stars and created a truly professional ambience in the venue. He provided and set up an impressive PA system complete with front of house mixing desk, vocal microphones, microphone stands, stage monitors and all the production equipment necessary to put on what we felt was an impressive event. Robert was kind enough to provide us with a dedicated sound technician to ensure that top quality sound reproduction was achieved and delivered.

C.A.N Entertainment members are humbled and eternally grateful for the genuine kindness and professionalism shown to us by Robert Greenup. Not only did Robert supply the equipment and technician completely free of charge but he provided transport for the equipment to and from the event. I am still in awe at the fact that in this day and age an individual can out of the kindness of his heart provide his time, resources and expertise in order to see the dreams and aspirations of his fellow man realized. Robert we salute you.

Colin Joseph, For and on behalf of C.A.N Entertainment

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